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    If evil wants you not to obey God, it only has to get you out of the agreement, to violate your spiritual agreement or your contract or an alliance with God. You don`t have to do anything. You start to get lazy and you`ve broken your protection. A spiritual contract is an agreement[1] with a spiritual jurisdiction of two or more parties that creates a binding commitment between them. First of all, anyone with whom you have a relationship, whether they are friends, spouses or family members, has a spiritual connection to you, that is, a spiritual contract. You may be soul mates, soul antagonists or the same group of souls. The fact is that they are in your life for a reason. Now is the time to analyze these relationships and the foundations of the contractual relationship with an extreme distinction and determine if this is still in your greatest good. Books like Your Kingdom comes to try to show the history of a spiritual contract with God and with men and how the results have varied. The book The Free Church Report shows you how the Church can function in the world, but not the world to access the Kingdom.

    It`s a spiritual entrance. By seeking the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, putting the Lord`s Table, forgiving it and giving it in love, we begin the process of concluding a spiritual contract with God rather than with men. Instead of trying to conceal or conceal evidence of their bondage, men should try to make spiritual pacts with God by accommodating the path, truth and life. [2] God gives us many spiritual laws that we can study and understand, but here are four great ones: an agreement with the path of Christ will set you free. Trying to free yourself by denying the words of your fathers will bind you. The lesson they learned from the Tower of Babel is that the words they utter are powerful, but they are even more powerful if you and someone else speak in total agreement. You can see that the words you utter have the ability to bring unity or disharmony, blessing or curse, life or death. You can lead to staying in one place or moving somewhere else. But in agreement with others, words can accomplish anything one can imagine. It can be crazy.

    The previous spiritual law promises that we reap what we sow, but the world is full of examples where people suffer because they sow good or profit while sowing evil. Why can so many people get away with doing the wrong thing? Why aren`t good things always coming to those who do the right thing? The exhibition of spiritual fruits would bear witness to a daily ministration through sacrifice and wild charity. The law of confession (proving God`s promises) becomes even more powerful, even if we operate according to the law of God`s accord. Speaking in agreement with God and speaking to each other has always been God`s plan, but sinful man has used these laws for evil rather than for good. In Genesis, chapters 10 and 11, Nimrod and the inhabitants of Babel, for example, began to build a tower that they wanted to build higher and higher until it went straight into the sky. The spiritual world is not as tangible as the physical world – it cannot be touched, seen or heard usually – but the consequences that flow from ignorance of spiritual laws can be even more painful than the consequences of ignorance of physical laws. Take this, multiply through thousands of years of disobedience, and you`ll begin to see why our world dissolves. In this brief article, I would like to identify the intersection of the law with regard to contracts and spirituality or the spiritual right of contracts.

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