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    Below are some general themes that need to be addressed in the agreements. Similarly, if, as a processing manager, you share personal data with an independent data manager (i.e. no common managers) I recommend reaching an agreement (especially where data sharing is systematic, large-scale or risky), even if the RGPD does not explicitly require it. The agreement helps you justify data sharing and demonstrate compliance issues and explains how the parties agree to resolve them. the transfer of personal data from the company by a contract subcontractor to a subcontractor or between two branches of a commercial subcontractor, at least where such transmission would be prohibited by data protection legislation (or by the conditions of data transfer agreements put in place to impose restrictions on data protection); which deals with personal data on behalf of the processor It may be advisable to have an understanding or agreement with the receiving controller, even if there is no general requirement for a written contract (as in the case of sharing data processors). The OIC provides instructions for data exchange at /ico.org.uk/media/for-organisations/documents/1068/data_sharing_code_of_practice.pdf. This document has not yet been updated to reflect the RGPD, but it remains a useful guide. If you have legitimate interests, you must inform the people concerned of the data sharing and grant them the right to opt-out. As a general rule, this is done through your privacy policy and you may need to update it and send it to your affected individuals if you have not yet informed them of the data sharing. Data exchange agreements are complex legal documents.

    However, these agreements can not only prevent chaotic situations in the event of a data breach, but also contribute to the protection of personal data, which is the central objective of the RGPD. Talend Metadata Manager can help them semantically capture these data-sharing agreements, as well as track and track the location and movement of physical data in a data landscape. If you are passing personal data on to third parties, whether as the person in charge of the common pilot or to an independent third party, you will need a legitimate reason for processing personal data in this way.

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