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    The general credit policy of the E-Trade is to follow the guidelines of the R.T. This means that the initial margin for long and short positions is 50%. Maintenance is 25% for long positions and 30% for short positions. We send you a detailed agreement and risk disclosure for your audit and recognition You could earn additional income by borrowing all the hard-to-borrow shares (HTB) that you own now or in the future. Sign up to sign up for the E-TRADE Fully Paid Lending Program. It`s a simple way to increase the return potential of your portfolio by allowing E-TRADE to borrow certain fully paid securities. Yes, yes. E-TRADE deposits cash security equal to the dollar amount of securities lent to E-TRADE Bank. The provisions of the Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970 cannot protect you with respect to borrowed securities and, therefore, the guarantees provided for the borrowed securities may be the only source of satisfaction with E-TRADE`s commitments to them.

    Well, it depends on how many shares you own, the credit charges and how long you lend. All accounts indicate that you can earn orders of magnitude more than dividend stocks can hold and wait for dividends. Once you are registered, E-TRADE will check your portfolio and borrow securities in exchange for cash security1 Starting in October, E-Trade began informing customers before placing a market, if a security is difficult to borrow and what the interest rate will be, according to the complaint. Investors are paying ever higher costs for the most popular short shops. Charles Schwab Corp. and Interactive Brokers Group Inc. announced a sequential increase in securities lending revenue of more than 60 percent in the third quarter, fueled by a stock of hard-to-borrow stocks like Beyond Meat Inc. and Pot Stocks, Richard Repetto, an analyst at Sandler O`Neill Partners, said last month. Yes, yes. All borrowed shares will be displayed on your account at any time indicating that the shares will be borrowed. Positions in credit can be viewed on the portfolios page with a “FP” rating. Access this page by logging in to etrade.com and logging into accounts > portfolios.

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