What's all this then? What's a jimako?

Welcome to jimako.com. My name is Jim Karabatsos, and I am a techie based in Melbourne, Australia. Keep reading to find out what a "jimako" is.
I am not going to put a résumé or bio online, but to give people some context, I have worked in both the public service and private enterprise, in very large and very small organisations, and across a range of computer architectures from big mainframes in the seventies, minis and Wintel PCs in the eighties and nineties, and more recently doing web application development in Java on various platforms.

Much of my time has been spent in training and mentoring roles, and much of my expertise is in working with organisations to come up with a process that works for them. So it will come as no surprise to those who know me that much of the content on this site will revolve around software development, from both the technical and development process perspectives.

This is my private web site. It is a place where I put up all manner of stuff that I am involved or interested in. It is not a commercial site and there is nothing to buy here, so leave your wallet and credit cards at home. At the moment, I am fully occupied and am unable to take on any consulting work of any kind — sorry — but that doesn't stop my ongoing desire to keep in touch with people doing interesting things, so please feel free to drop me a line.

But computers, IT and all that other geeky stuff are not all that I am involved in. I have a number of interests that are totally unrelated to the computer industry. I am an Australian of Greek descent, and my Greek heritage is important to me. I am working towards a black belt in Karate in a more general bid to get fit and live long enough to see my kids grow up, and have a very real (and very personal) interest in weight management. I am involved in various charitable organisations and I am an active member of a Masonic Lodge.

And, more important than all of the above, I am a family man with a wonderful wife and three fantastic children whom I value above all else.

All of these areas will likely be reflected in this site as it evolves. Remember, I am not trying to chronicle everything here in any structured sense – rather, this site is like an online journal and notebook that I will add to as time and interest permits, and that I am sharing with anyone who might find it interesting.

Most of the content will live in the Wiki. It's easy to edit pages there and I can do it from anywhere. I am not out to win any web page design awards here.

Of course there is the obligatory blog. I have been notoriously poor at blogging regularly, and there is no reason to expect that I will be any more consistent in future. I will really only blog when I have something to say, and when that something is of an ephemeral nature. If I think it has any permanent value, then I am more likely to put it into the Wiki.

Finally, here's where the term jimako comes from.